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SLCFPD area includes the communities of Middletown, Anderson Springs, Cobb, Loch Lomond, and Hidden Valley, as well as numerous small developments and individual dwellings. The District also serves a portion of the geothermal geysers industry facilities on the western boundary of the District.

SLCFPD has experienced numerous major fires, documenting the risk of fire within the District. Most of the Community of Middletown was destroyed by a fire in 1918. In 1934 the Anderson Ridge Fire worked its way up Cobb Mtn. There were two major fires in 1964, the Hanley Fire burned 52,000 acres, it started south of Middletown on Mt. St. Helena and burned all the way to Santa Rosa (Fountain Grove / Mark West Springs area) destroying 100 homes and out buildings, the Dump Fire burned 15,000 acres, it started where the Lyons Club Trap Shoot is and burned to Calistoga. In 1961 the Widow Creek Fire consumed 10,000 acres destroying homes and vehicles.

In 1985, the Hidden Valley Lake Fire consumed 1,200 acres, 9 homes damaged, 16 homes an 4 vehicles destroyed. The Hidden Fire in 2000 consumed 4,000 acres, 1 condemned structure, and 3 out buildings. In 2003 the Morgan Valley Fire burned 4200 acres in Jerico and Jerusalem Valley. The summer of 2015 was the most devastating fire season in the history of SLCFPD. Three major fire’s the “Rocky” the “Jerusalem” and the devastating “Valley” fire tore through our community’s resulting in 4 civilian fatalities with 5 people still missing and 4 Cal-Fire firefighters were seriously burned. A total of 1366 homes, 66 Commercial Structures and an additional 659 other structures were destroyed. The three fires burned a total of 175,000 (One Hundred Seventy Five Thousand) acres.
The contributing factors to possible major fire disasters (fuel density, topography and weather) continue to exist. With continuous development and increased population within SLCFPD, the potential for major occurrences will significantly increase unless adequate fire prevention and control programs are maintained and improved.
There is potential for major industrial fire losses at the Geothermal Power Plants. Additionally, emergency medical incidents and vehicle accidents present a major potential for multiple injuries on the road ways within SLCFPD. In 1980, a tractor trailer hauling waste materials collided with two vans and one passenger vehicle resulting in 8 fatalities and ten injuries. During the summer months of 2000, there were 14+ fatalities and numerous injuries on the District road ways.