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01.  Must be at least 18 years of age and reside within six minutes or two miles of the District’s boundaries.

02.  Must possess and maintain a valid Class “C” California Driver’s License.

03.  Must be a high school graduate or have a GED equivalent.

04.  Must fill out an application in full and provide a DMV printout.

05.  The District may conduct a background check and will conduct a Driver License check.

06.  The application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee, and an interview will be scheduled with the applicant.

07.  The applicant will be required to complete a physical agility test. Testing time will be coordinated through the designated Company Officer.

08.  The applicant will be required to meet District medical standards by the District’s designated physician, including drug screening. The cost will be paid for by the District.

09.  If membership is accepted, the applicant will be issued safety gear and start recruit training. Recruit training, when satisfactorily completed, will certify the recruit as/in: 

  • SLCFPD Paid Call Firefighter.
  • CPR and AED. 
  • First Responder in first aid.
  • Haz-Mat First Responder Operational
  • Confined Space Awareness

10.  Parts of this procedure may be waived or modified based on an applicant’s qualifications and with recommendation of the Membership Committee, Battalion Chief and majority vote for approval by the Volunteer Association